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When my kids were merely toddlers, living in the hard times of Yugoslavia falling apart, converting used materials into something useful, such are toys or pillows or even combined, used to be a sort of healing therapy. Somehow, even if they were not intended to last for long, a denim soccer ball, used not only as a ball yet as a pillow and a "Teddy", a denim clam pillow and a denim backpack, not to mention all "creatures" born in those days, happened to make strong impact in growing up of my boys.

Ever since, between life battles and running through the Life Mountain paths, idea of making Sea Life Creatures out of textile never abandoned me. The coming to Arizona, a major life point change, gave me an opportunity to explore my own capacity to express that urge by using sewing and knitting skills learned long ago.

Here are some of those creations, making it possible to have your own Coral Reef refuge right in your own bedroom.

ocean collection tanja sova

Coral Reef Collection by Tanja Sova


sea star echinodermata tanja sova


sea urchin echinodermata tanja sova

mollusca nautilus tanja sova

cuttlefish tanja sova mollusca


Asterias sp.


Echinus sp.

Nautilus sp.

Loligo sp.

clams mollusca tanja sova


coral reef tanja sova

jellyfish tanja sova

coral reef box tanja sova


Tridacna sp.


coral reef


coral reef box



Additional Ocean Collection is amongst Purses



to be continued...





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