There is an urge in each of us to make a balance amongst the roles we are developing, as we are approaching the tip of the Mountain of Life we are climbing. It's an itch, an inner must, to make the best of your day, that vibrant runaway from NOW, that infinitely short period between The Past and The Future.

The coordinate system of my life has never been two-dimensional. Just like a spider web (much like about any one known so far), the same goes for my daily routine. Regardless of variety and occasional confusion a spectator might observe in it, there is consistency in tone, in energy and love for our Mother Earth. It helps to purify my eyes when they are clouded, tired and sometimes teary, and make me see The Essence of Life clearly.

Growing up, I developed special bond to trees, whether individual ones in our yard, or my tree friends in the forests. If you really open your mind and your heart, you can feel the life of the tree, the life in the forests, so often hidden from a passing visitor.

When tree becomes wood as a source for my art, it still has the warmth and its story to tell. Images formed in my mind are imprinted modifying the wood surface, blending in unison and becoming original artwork itself.

Another medium I use is textile. As a biologist and coauthor in environmental education, I've developed high sense of using and reusing materials whenever possible. Personally, I find denim jeans of my own kids are perfect source and inspiration. An owl backpack made of their jeans was part of EXPO in 2005, where the members of OwlPages Forum took part in.

owl backpack tanja sova

Sacred Owl, my son, made an Owl pillow for EXPO, with a little help from me, using material left over after making a Lobster mask (2002). Such as an Owl Pillow, where the wings double up as a convenient eye cover, like Sacred Owl stated: "Magic for sweet dreams", I enjoy making applied art pieces.

owl pillow

Obviously, I love to experiment with different materials and different techniques. They all, though, are made from environment-friendly materials, and exclude hide or fur. The only animal originated material I use are feathers, most of them collected in the field, or discarded shells or other biological remains, preserved and given new life. Each collection has it's own story behind, it's own inspiration. Welcome to the virtual gallery of Tanja Sova. Hope you will enjoy it...


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