Most of the ornaments are life-size animals, with few exceptions (Zmajica and 3D Butterfly) are very much defined species, and the best I could, I tried to deliver at least some of the immediate environment of the presented species.

Owls bring me by far greater inspiration than I can manage to achieve within one spin of the Mother Earth. I sincerely hope some of owls' majesty and grace can be felt in my art. Not only I know about them more than about other animals, yet there were several occasions for theme artwork related to owls. Avondale Festival, AZ and World Owl Conference in Netherlands are major two where I felt a challenge to make a number of life-size owls.

However, I have truly deep appreciation to much more species than I can ever have a chance to produce. Thus I appreciate when I receive specific custom order, for it is a new challenge and a new inspiration. The same is for specific animals, such as Sony, the horse, or portraits of people. As for nature inspired artwork, each of them comprise all the knowledge I've collected working as a biologist. I design and produce each item, and as for the source and the process of being handmade, they are one of the kind, even when the same species is the theme of two or more artwork.

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luna moth tanja sova

red lionfish tanja sova


Athene noctua

Actias luna

Pterois volitans


tawny owl tanja sova


Strix aluco


Bubo virginianus



Glaucidium californicum

Lasiurus cinereus

Rana chiricahuensis



Asio otus

Strix nebulosa

Bubo bubo



Phrynosoma platyrhinos

Ornithoptera alexandrae

Corynorhinus townsendii



Nyctinomops macrotis


Agkistrodon contortix



Bassariscus astutus

Caretta caretta




Glaucidium ridgwayi

Xenoglaux loweryi

Tyto alba



Aegolius funereus

Strix occidentalis

Pulsatrix perspecillata



Athene cunnicularia

Otus scops

Aegolius acadicus



Athene noctua

Glaucidium passerinum

Strix uralensis



Strix uralensis

Surnia ulula

Tyto alba



Meleagris gallopavo

Otus flammeolus

Asio flammeus



Micrathene whitneyi

Theraphosa blondi

Sciurus carolinensis


dragonfly iris tanja sova pyrography


Odonata sp.




more to come...




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