Just like spider web is essential to it's survival, the same is information web for us. Suggested links are worth your time, at least in my humble opinion. You can expect this page to be updated the most in recent future.


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Biology related links

(yes, plenty of owl related, no wonder. After all, Sova is an Owl in Serbian)


  • The Owl Pages, place you can find more about owls than anywhere else on the information web, thanks to amazing Deane Lewis!


  • Global Owl Project, team dedicated to do whatever possible to help owls, above all incredible people armed with knowledge, sense of humor and good hearts.


  • World Owl Conference: yes, it was incredible! Fantastic organization of our Holland fellow researchers, rare opportunity to learn and share about owls, to make new friends, to meet with people you knew from their publications... We missed several incredibly important ones, though...


  • Owls in Serbia and so much more... One of the results of the World Owl Conference was also strong wind in the wings of Serbian owl team, lead by Milan Ruzic. Much more than owls you can find at Wild Serbia, with professional photographers such as Katarina Paunovic.


  • The Owl Festival is birthday celebration of Alice, a Great Horned Owl. Karla Kinstler, director of Houston Nature Center had to suffer during above mentioned conference. We shared the room. With major jat-lag of everyone coming from North America, we had serious lack of sleep. Great diversity of owl people helped with all the language confusion, and Karla had to learn few Serbian words to "wake" me up from addressing her in my mother tongue. Did I mention I was introducing Karla as Alice, sometimes not even noticing my slip of the tongue?


  • Owl Plexus, personal page of Bruce Marcot, fellow owl researcher. The true example of how biologists / ecologists have to be well-rounded, and some amongst us exceptional such as Bruce.


  • Eulenwelt, Dr Monika Kirk's web site. Eulen is the one of two general owl terms in German language, the other one is Käuze. Monika has incredible shop with owl related art, herself a microbiologist, but the artist as well. She presented most of it at the owl conference. It was truly a pleasure to meet her, after e-mailing each other since 2004.


  • Barn Owl Trust, team dedicated to do whatever possible to help owls, above all incredible people armed with knowledge, sense of humor and good hearts. More about them at the photo pages.


  • The Blog Around The Clock is the place where you can find the most recent science news, but also so much more. Bora is ever-lasting source of blogging (or shall I say informational) energy. I know his MSc was on circadian rhythm, but does this man ever sleep? He is on-line community manager of PloS, and in my opinion that is a direction where new publishing in science should (or will?) go.


Art related links

(most of them are local places where you can find my artowork)

  • Earth Tones Home & Garden is a place where I enjoy to go. Angie runs this store in the way you feel like going there not only to find something unique and lovely for your home, yet to simply absorb the loving care she dedicates to all the things you would love to see in your home.


  • Deane Lewis is not only umbilical cord for the owl world, but also an artist. Check this out!



  • The Cricket's Nest, what a place! I think each city should have one! Website, though, doesn't do the justice of how good it is. Dedicated staff and incredible artist members.



(just some I find interesting and do not fit in above categories)

  • I am wholeheartedly hoping Barack Obama will be the next President of the USA. Barack and his wife, Mishele, won my sympathies instantly. What they are presenting is in the tune with what I feel life is about.






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