Mexican Red-knee Tarantula

Spiders have always been my fascination, and it never occured my mind that someone might not like mirror with life-size tarantula, especially one that is on CITES list, being endangered for the loss of habitat as well illegal capturing of wild individuals. Due to high amount of trade amongst collector in the pet world, it is hard to imagine that feral populations are endangered. But they are. Therefore my message to enjoy artwork that represents this animal, hopefully raising awareness of the all threats that endanger wild species by human factors.

As the complete surprise, of the people who saw this mirror, discomfort shown came form the peopel I'd never suspected, while I have to take my hat off for the Lady at the Summer Arts Festival, who clearly showed her appreciation toward this mirror and spiders themselves, and she looked the most feminine I've ever seen, the last person I'd expect to appreciate this poorely understood creatures.


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