Red-chested Owls

Ahhhhhhhhh..... I truly enjoy making art. One of the major force is finding out that people who obtain my artwork can feel that love and positive energy impregnated in items made. That makes it easy to separate from the artwork. However, without any planning, there are some of the items, that somehow stay attached to the core, and this one is one of them. For the first time I felt sorry to give it away, but eventually, yes, I said farewell, with no hard feelings.

However, as this was not enough, photo of completed mirror by the accident has been deleted from the camera. Not the first time I don't have the final version of artwork photographed, but I am trying to fix that shortcoming, with a little help of my family giving me the looks of "Did you at least take a picture of it?"

Anyway, this mirror was order for the birthday present of the lady who travells a lot to Africa, and that is why African species are dominant in this artwork. I hope she enjoys it!

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