Long-whiskered Owlet mirror

One of two items donated for the BirdFest, event organized annually in Winston Salem Habitat for Humanity office. I have enjoyed making it, someone bought it, and the money raised is more than enough to make several homes for the people in need. Often I am not in situation to donate money itself, but whenever I can contribute with my work, I am happy to do so. This event is one of such occasions.

This particular artwork was produced in the category of recycled materials. Below the image of the mirror, you will find resource materials that were used: old discarded cabinet door (sanded until wood was clear again), thrown broken mirror (cut the good part), and old jeans. I was in particular happy that several people I have met while volunteering for "Shab to Fab" not only clearly recollect it, amongst incredible amount and quality of donated artwork, yet some of them bid on it! That makes my heart smile :-)


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mirror birdfest xenoglaux donation tanja sova


birdfest donation tanja sova