Butterfly figurine for Karen's birthday

In 2006, for my birthday, I was asked what would I want as a present, but there was one condition: it must not be something for the family! It had to be for my very personal use. Well, it was a tough one! Took me a while to brainstorm, for there are not much of the desires at this age that can fit given condition and to be bought with money for the birdthay present (birthday in 2007 added something I didn't know at the time: airplane ticket to the owl conference!). Since I was using basic Dremel power tool, I truly wanted to have this fine shaft that enables you to work just like with a pencil (similar to those dentists have). As Karen's birthday is just 2 days after mine, I have had aninstant idea of what to make with the new "toy". This is the result: Karen loves butterflies.

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